Problem with building of simulink model using embedded coder for PX4 autopilots

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I have been strugling with building the model code . Earlier i tried with toolchain setup with WSL(windows subsystem for linux). As the firmware didnt built many times i installed the cygwin toolchain following this With this i was successfully able to build the firmware. I am using Pixhawk 4 and making px4fmu_v5-default .
But i couldnt build my model (see below for the model) -
With this model when use "built" i get the following errors ,
here the diagnostic viewer error's -
I think the problem lies in the "C:/PX4_CY~1/run-console_Simulink.bat" file . Can anybody tell why is this happening ?
Thanks in advance

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Ankur Bose
Ankur Bose on 23 Apr 2019
Hi Tejas,
Replace the run-console_Simulink.bat file that Abhishek attached in his answer on 12 April in the Cygwin installation directory and your support package installation directory as well.
You can find the support -package directory where to replace this file by running the below commands in MATLAB command window.
cd(matlabshared.supportpkg.getSupportPackageRoot); cd toolbox\target\supportpackages\px4\lib\etc
After you have replaced the run-console_Simulink.bat in both the locations, run the below command in MATLAB comamnd window and try building the model again.
setenv('MW_PX4_WIN10_BUILDCMD', '')
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Tejas Rajopadhye
Tejas Rajopadhye on 23 Apr 2019
Thankyou Ankur for your response .
I emulated the steps that you told but the problem is the same . It doesn't build the model and outputs the same errors.

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