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How do I find the area of the image in meters using MATLAB?

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I am trying to estimate the area of a rooftop of a building for some data analysis. I have obtained the image of the rooftop of the building using google maps and doing some image analysis, at the same time I need to evaluate the area of the building's rooftop as well. How can I do this using Matlab?

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Michael Hawks
Michael Hawks on 2 May 2019
I agree with gonzalo -- it's not really a Matlab question. But if you know anything about your camera you could also solve it that way without needing to find a reference object in the image.
Each pixel will see are area on the ground that is x = ( pixel size * range / focal length ) across. If you're looking straight down (as for Google Earth), the horizontal and vertical distance will be the same. For oblique views, the vertical dimension will increase by (1/cos theta).

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