voxelization (.amf) --additive manufacturing file format

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mac-OS; ver-2018
Given, cylinder inside a cylinder(both are solids not opaque). I would like to voxelize it and display slices.
k1=matrix containing vertices of outer cylinder.
k2=matrix containing vertices of inner cylinder.
f11=matrix of faces of outer cylinder.
f22=matrix of faces of inner cylinder.
I extract the vertices and faces seperately from the .amf file
i concatenate the two matrcices together [k1;k2] and [f11;f22].
and when i try to display the voxelized result i get the seperated cylinders (see attached fig)
When comma is used instead of semicolon while concatenating, the result after voxelization is two cylinders side by side .
what i would like to achieve after voxelization and slicing is the layer of two cylinders intact .
Any suggestions on how to tackle the problem.

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