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How to avoid dynamic variable names when I need to differentiate a function with lots of variables?

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Richárd Tóth
Richárd Tóth on 20 Sep 2019
Edited: Matt J on 20 Sep 2019
Take my code for example:
n = 8;
syms f(x) distsq(x)
X=sym('x',[1 n-1]);
P = zeros(1,n)+0.1;
f(X) = sqrt(sum(X));
distsq(X) = sum((X-P(1:end-1)).^2) + (f-P(end)).^2;
grad_distsq = jacobian(distsq,X);
equations = grad_distsq == 0;
bounds = X > 0;
bounds = [bounds X<1];
equations = [equations bounds];
S = solve(equations,X);
The code runs fine, but I have variables and it's troublesome to do operations with the solution structure S, which has fields.
How should I remove dynamic names from the code?

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Matt J
Matt J on 20 Sep 2019
What names do you want instead? You chose the names in the line
X=sym('x',[1 n-1]);
You could have used any other name, e.g.,
X=sym('frank',[1 n-1]);
>> S = solve(equations,X)
S =
struct with fields:
frank1: [1×1 sym]
frank2: [1×1 sym]
frank3: [1×1 sym]
frank4: [1×1 sym]
frank5: [1×1 sym]
frank6: [1×1 sym]
frank7: [1×1 sym]

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