Grouping of data as per date and perform different operations

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I have a set of data which needs to be grouped on the basis of the dates. Further calculations needs to be done like calculation of RV, BPV etc on a daily basis.
I tried using the code newStr = extractBefore(str,11) to extract only the dates and then try the grouping. However, since ' is present in the string, the code is not able to extract the date ('08-Jan-2015 01:33:28').
Can someone help me group this data on the basis of dates and perform further operations.
In reference to final_use variable in workspace-
The first column in the attached .mat file are the dates and time(in unix format) and the second column are the prices. I have calculated the returns and is in the third column.
This further converts the unix time into character array.
%I created a code to convert the unix time into a time-
function dn = unixtime_to_datenum( unix_time )
dn = unix_time/86400 + 719529; %# == datenum(1970,1,1)
%I created a code to convert the time into a string-
time = final_use(:,1)
str = datestr( unixtime_to_datenum( time ) )

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Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre on 30 Dec 2019
I'm not sure what version of MATLAB you are using, but why not use the datetime data type? This line of code will convert the first column of data to datetimes, removing the need to create a separate function for this.
time = datetime(final_use(:,1),'ConvertFrom','epochtime',"Epoch",'1970-01-01')
Once you have the data as datetimes, you can then compute summary statistics grouping the data by specific time intervals (minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, etc). Use the groupsummary function and specify the desired groupbin. For example, the mean price for each day can be computed this way (I convert the matrix to a table first)
load final_data_work.mat
time = datetime(final_use(:,1),'ConvertFrom','epochtime',"Epoch",'1970-01-01')
price = final_use(:,2);
returns = final_use(:,3);
dataTbl = table(time,price,returns);
summaryTbl = groupsummary(dataTbl,"time","day",'mean',"price")
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 2 Jan 2020
There is a trick: you can return a cell array. That qualifies as "a single output variable containing a single value."
If you return a row vector then afterwards you can cell2mat() and then array2table() if you want a table() of results.

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