Error: Function definition not supported in this context. Create functions in code file.

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I was trying to create a simple function on matlab, I already have a file named "AddOne.m", so it should work, however at the first line of code, matlab throws the following error
"Error: Function definition not supported in this context. Create functions in code file.". Any ideas how to sort this out?
Thanks in advance!
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Stephen23 on 28 Jan 2020
In MATLAB functions cannot be defined in the command window.
You appear to be running the entire function in the command window in an attempt to define that function.
You don't need to do that: just define the function in a file, and then call it. That is all you need to do.

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Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta on 6 May 2020
Hi Augstin,
In matalb, you need to write your function in a seperate matlab file and then you can call this function either from command window or from a seperate matlab file.
For example, here you can write your matlab function addOne.m in one file. File content can be something like:
%File addOne.m
function finalAnswer = addOne(inputNumber)
finalAnswer = inputNumber+1;
Now you can use this function in your other matlab file or in command window. For example, you can create a seperate file to call this function.
% File testaddOne.m
inputNumber = 5;
finalAnswer = addOne(inputNumber);
fprintf('Final Answer: %d \n', finalAnswer);
To avoid confusion, for now keep both files at one place. When you run file testaddOne.m, it will automatically call other file and make use of it.

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kazi sharif
kazi sharif on 8 Sep 2020
Edited: Walter Roberson on 22 Feb 2022
function Divide_Average(a,x0,tol)
if a<0
%fprint(' Neagtive Number is not taken in Square root');
x = zeros(1,1);
fprontf('i x(i)\n');
x(1)= x0; fprintf('%5.0f\t %15.5f\n',1,x(1));
while (1)
x(i) = 0.5*(x(i-1) + a/x(i-1));
fprintf('%5.0f\t %15.5f\n',i,x(i));
RelER = (x(i) - x(i-1))/x(i-1);
if abs(RelER) <= tol, break, end
i = i + 1;
fprintf('\n\n Square Root of %10.5f\t is %10.5f\n',a,x(end));
function Divide_Average(a,x0,tol)
Error: Function definition not supported in this context. Create functions in code file.

nina lucia lins dias
nina lucia lins dias on 13 Mar 2022
Edited: nina lucia lins dias on 13 Mar 2022
I am trying to do this:
function edge_r ( )
im = imread('rice.png');
[row col] = size(im)
for i=1:row-1
im2(i,j) =abs(im(i+1,j+1)) + abs(im(i+1,j));
figure, imshow(im2);
figure, imshow(im)
however i cannot writing down the whole statement cos it gave me errors
function edge_r()
function edge_r()
Error: Function definition are not supported in this context. Functions can only be created as local or nested functions in
code files.

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