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Tool development using GUIDE

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Lipika on 15 Oct 2012
Hi, I am developing a decision support tool in matlab. I am facing issues in the GUI. I am using GUIDE for its development. I would like to move from one screen to another at the push of a button but within the same matlab figure. For example we have an opening screen with a button on it. Once the user presses this button the tool shows the next screen asking the user to press in id and password. Tool authenticates the user and opens another screen with inputs for the user to select...and so on.
programming each screen and the mathematics behind is more or less ok but I am unable to program the several screens in a single figure. I don't want a seperate figure/window to pop up every time user moves to the next page.
I will have several screens and also multiple paths from a single screen.
I understand java is better at GUI but would like to stick to Matlab at the moment.
Will appreciate guidance.


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Accepted Answer

Sachin Ganjare
Sachin Ganjare on 16 Oct 2012
Probably below link could be useful:
Hope it helps!!!


Lipika on 16 Oct 2012
Thanks for the pointer. I did think and even try this possibility of emulating tabs by grouping components on uipanels and playing with their visibility but the issue I am facing is how dirty the playground(GUIDE window) becomes after even one panel. It becomes a bit difficult to develop. Or is there something I am missing given that I am a novice here.
Is there a way I could seperately layout each panel and then put over each other.
Thanks a lot

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Matt J
Matt J on 16 Oct 2012
This thread provides links to things that look at least similar to what you want

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Lipika on 16 Oct 2012
Thanks a lot Matt..Will let you know once I have used it.

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