warning : Parameter Value cannot be downloaded because its type...

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Hi, I'm running 'px4demo_PositionController_quadroptor'.
When I push the reset switch on the right down side stated below, some warnings are occurred and the reset button is not working.
Warning: Parameter Value cannot be downloaded because its type (px4_Bus_vehicle_attitude) has no external mode host-to-target function registered
> In Simulink.HMI/ParamSourceInfo/updateDiagram
In Simulink.HMI/ParamSourceInfo/setValue
In Simulink.HMI/ParamSourceInfo/updateValue
I don't know why this warning occurred.. Is there anyone who can help me?

Answers (2)

Ankur Bose
Ankur Bose on 28 Oct 2020
The warning is a harmless warning that comes when you try to tune a variable in a bus in SImulink. The tuning will take effect.
When you say reset didnt work, what do you see in jmavsim? Reset would turn off PWM.

Alon Spinner
Alon Spinner on 7 Jun 2021
Is there a way to remove these warnnings?

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