Open Matlab editor while running from command line

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Ben Southworth
Ben Southworth on 29 Apr 2020
Commented: Mitsu on 29 Sep 2021
I typically run Matlab on Mac (catalina) in the terminal, by calling matlab -nodesktop. In previous versions/installations of Matlab, I could open an .m file and it would open the Matlab editor, but run/debug through terminal. At some point when upgrading, this stopped working. Now if I am running Matlab in command line and open a .m file, a whole new Matlab application opens up witht he full GUI interface. How do I stop this behavior/only open .m files in an editor when Matlab is already running?

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 2 May 2021
Edited: Steven Lord on 2 May 2021
We stopped shipping the standalone editor quite some time ago, long enough that I can't find it in the Release Notes. It's probably been at least a decade.
Edited to add: I checked an older installation's documentation. The standalone editor was removed in release R2008a.

Vlad Tarasov
Vlad Tarasov on 8 Jul 2021
What software do you use if you need to make a screenshot of the screen? I use HyperCam (official version ) - intuitive interface and always great results.

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