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Tobias Litherland
Tobias Litherland on 19 Nov 2012
Commented: Cel Kulasekaran on 20 Feb 2016
I have an automatically genareted PowerPoint presentation using ActiveX controls from MatLab. The presentation needs to be automatically saved as a Pdf.
I have tried
but I don't know how to pass the input argument ''ppFixedFormatTypePDF'' correctly.
Any knowledge of input arguments in ActiveX will be appreciated.
Edit: I have also tried
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Cel Kulasekaran
Cel Kulasekaran on 20 Feb 2016
The documentation on the ActiveX is a little misleading for this.
I found this works. I am using Matlab 2014b with PowerPoint 2013. The enumeration value for PDF is 32. This enumeration value may differ for other PowerPoint versions.
Presentation.SaveAs(fileName, 32);

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