Can I connect a FLIR Thermal ADK Camera to MATLAB?

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I am trying to connect a FLIR Thermal ADK Camera to MATLAB using Image Acquisition Toolbox. I installed the GigE, GenICam, and Point Grey hardware support packages but MATLAB is not recognizing the device.
I am connecting to the camera via USB, and am able to see the device using the Windows Device Manager. In MATLAB, I try to find the camera using the command:
and then refreshing the Image Acquisition Hardware.
Are there any additional support packages that need to be installed?

Accepted Answer

MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 8 Sep 2020
Since the camera is connected to your machine via USB and it is recognized by Windows, you should be able to connect to the device using Windows Generic Video interface. However, you must have a driver from FLIR that is compatible with DirectX (DirectShow). For more information, see the following support page from MathWorks:
To connect to the camera using the interface mentioned above, you must install the "OS Generic Video Support Package" from MathWorks. To install this, use the Add-On Explorer in MATLAB, navigate to "Get Hardware Support Packages," search for "Image Acquisition Toolbox Support Package for OS Generic Video Interface," and follow the installation instructions. You may be prompted to restart your machine after installation.
Assuming you have the proper DirectX driver from FLIR, you should now be able to connect to the camera using imaqtool.

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