Does MATLAB support NVIDIA Ampere cards for GPU computation?

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NVIDIA has released a new architecture called "Ampere". Does MATLAB support using these cards to accelerate deep learning training or other GPU computation?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 12 Mar 2021
Edited: MathWorks Support Team on 12 Mar 2021
For releases R2010b to R2020b support for Ampere will be via NVIDIA's forwards compatibility mode. Optimized device libraries must be compiled at runtime from an unoptimized version. Support can be limited and you might see errors and unexpected behaviour.
Forward compatibility from CUDA version 10.0–10.2 (MATLAB versions R2019a, R2019b, R2020a and R2020b) to Ampere (compute capability 8.x) has only limited functionality.
Full Ampere built-in binary support within MATLAB is available from R2021a.
For more details please see GPU Support by Release.
Starting in R2020b, forward compatibility for GPU devices is disabled by default. Support can be enabled for the current MATLAB session by executing:
Enabling forward compatibility can result in wrong answers and unexpected behavior during GPU computations. In some cases, forward compatibility does not work as expected and recompilation of the libraries results in errors.
matheus oliveira
matheus oliveira on 2 Mar 2022
Does mattter what I do, I cant compile mex in MAtlab. The Link error appears. Seems that the MATLAB cannot find cuDNN, how to fix it? Is there a perfect combination to install CUDA for ampere card + Visual studio + matlab?

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