What ports and protocols does a Speedgoat target use to communicate with the host in Simulink Real-Time?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 9 Oct 2023
Edited: MathWorks Support Team on 26 Oct 2023
The Simulink Real-Time product requires multiple ports and protocols to maintain connectivity between the host PC and Speedgoat target. The list of ports can vary depending on the contents and functionality implemented in the model and may change from release to release.
The following is an example of the ports the Speedgoat target uses in R2020b onwards:
  • 20-23, 65532-65535, 5505-5507, 5510-5512, 5515-5517, 5555
The following is an example of the ports the Windows or Linux host PC uses in R2020b onwards:
  • 20-23, 7400-7499
Possible protocols used in R2020b onwards may be:
  • TCP, FTP, SSH, SCP, XCP, and RTPS/FastDDS via UDP
It is essential to allow all required ports and protocols through your firewall(s) to ensure that the Simulink Real-Time product functions correctly. Disabling any of them will result in limited functionality, so it's crucial to contact your IT department to assist in implementing the necessary rules.
Important Notes:
1) If you intend to access a Simulink Real-Time target remotely, the ports mentioned above must be allowed through your VPN security configuration. See the following answer for more information regarding remote access to Speedgoat:
2) Regarding IT settings for Windows host PCs, the easiest approach is to make firewall/network exceptions for the MATLAB application (matlab.exe) and for the target's IP address.
If Windows Defender Firewall or Symantec Endpoint Protection is enabled on your host computer, refer to the following MATLAB Answers post for a detailed description of the steps to follow:

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