how to build 3D simulation of a model?

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Martin on 10 Apr 2013
Commented: Kavita Bhagat on 5 Apr 2021
I'm interested in building 3D model of quadrocopter in Matlab, but I have no idea how to build 3D model in matlab.
My goal is to express my dynamic model and thesis in a simulation model in matlab.
Kavita Bhagat
Kavita Bhagat on 5 Apr 2021
i want to bulid a 3d design of a room in matlab how is it possible ?

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Answers (1)

Jan Danek
Jan Danek on 4 Sep 2013
Hi Martin,
With simulation of quadrucopter, you are perhaps interested in both quadrucopter model itself, and in surrounding scene in which it is supposed to operate.
With Quadrucopter, you can start with a simple representation (2 crossed beams, 4 cylinders, 1 box in the middle to represent batteries/ECU). This can be easily done using Simulink 3D Animation 3D World Editor. The Editor also provides several simple scenes (try "New from template" - Aerodrome_1) in which you can place your Quadrucopter.
Once you are satisfied with the behaviour of the dynamical quadrucopter model (Plant dynamics / Controller / control device input modelled in Simulink), you can replace a trivial Quadrucopter model with something more resembling a real aircraft - export the corresponding VRML model from a CAD tool and include (inline) it in your main scene.
Good luck,

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