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How do I calculate this definite integral in matlab

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Behzad Rahmani
Behzad Rahmani on 28 Feb 2021
Commented: darova on 1 Mar 2021
hello. I want to calculate this integral. But it does not answer.
please check it. thanks
syms x
f = (124-x)^3/((12.152-2*x)^2*(1.24-x));
F = int(f, x, 0, 4.23)

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darova on 28 Feb 2021
Try trapz

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 28 Feb 2021
When I encounter a problem integrating, one of my first thoughts is to look at the function I'm trying to integrate over the interval of integration.
syms x
f = (124-x)^3/((12.152-2*x)^2*(1.24-x));
fplot(f, [0, 4.23])
That section around x = 1.24 could prove problematic.
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Behzad Rahmani
Behzad Rahmani on 1 Mar 2021
I calculated this integral with a site and it gave me the number -72828.4694525021.
Now I want to calculate with MATLAB and compare the answers.

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