How to recover check box value?

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Jean-Hugues LE GALLOU
Jean-Hugues LE GALLOU on 28 Apr 2021
Is it possible to get a value from a checkbox in a non visible figure. What would be the right instruction to get its value?
HIM(1)= figure ( ... 'visible','off'),
creation of the checkbox cb(1)
Call the value of cb(1)
treatment_cb=get(cb(1),'value'); does not work
Thanks for your answer
Jan on 28 Apr 2021
Please explain "does not work" with any details. The command should work actually, so it is important, what exactly you observe.

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Answers (2)

Benjamin Großmann
Benjamin Großmann on 28 Apr 2021
Edited: Benjamin Großmann on 28 Apr 2021
get(chkBox, 'Value') as well as chkBox.Value should work with visible and invisible uifigures equally.
% Create invisible uifigure
hmi = uifigure('Visible', 'Off');
% add checkbox to uifigure
chkBox = uicheckbox(hmi);
% Message string for anonymous helper function
msgStr = 'Checkbox value before set:';
% Anonymous helper function printChkBoxStatus to print the checkbox status
printChkBoxStatus = @() fprintf('%s %d\n', msgStr, get(chkBox, 'Value'));
% print the checkbox status
% set the checkbox status to true ("checked")
set(chkBox, 'Value', true);
% print the checkbox status again

Jean-Hugues LE GALLOU
Jean-Hugues LE GALLOU on 3 May 2021
Your code works.
I must have messed up my writing.
Thanks for your help


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