How to set keyboard layout for Simulink Online?

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I'm using a non-US keyboard and some of the keys don't enter the correct character in Simulink Online. What can I do to make my keyboard work with Simulink Online? 

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 18 Jun 2021
You can set the keyboard layout for Simulink Online using the “” command. 
For example, if you are using Japanese keyboard, you can set the layout using: 
You only need to do this once for the account you are using. If you switch keyboards, and your new keyboard is different, use the same command to select the appropriate layout. 
For a list of different keyboard language abbreviations and more details on how to use this command, please refer to the help page by typing on MATLAB Command Window: 
>> help 
If you are still having trouble with keyboard operations after setting the layout as described above. Please contact MathWorks Technical Support: 
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Caner Dogan
Caner Dogan on 12 Oct 2021
Can we use the same solution also for MATLAB? and what about Online trainings?
Thanks a lot.

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