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GSM on 21 Jul 2021
Commented: GSM on 22 Jul 2021
i have a stuct which holds 12 signals. The signals are represented by frequency, power and a vector for each of the signals as seen in the following picture:
I have another matrix of the signals which passed through some model as seen in the follwoing picture:
I would like to merge the struct with the matrix, so that the struct will hold another column/new field where each struct row corresponts to each matrix row. How can I do this w/o for loop?

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Matt J
Matt J on 21 Jul 2021
Edited: Matt J on 21 Jul 2021
You cannot avoid a for-loop altogether, but you can avoid writing your own for-loop as follows:
tmp=num2cell(modelOutputSignal,2); %num2cell has a for-loop inside it.
GSM on 22 Jul 2021
Matt J ,
Another question.
When i have such struct:
How can I "cut" the 2 left columns "Inputrequency_MHz" and "InputPower_dBm" into some new struct?

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Dhruv G
Dhruv G on 21 Jul 2021
say the structure is named s,
s.outputSignal = modelOutputSignal;
adds the matrix as an element to the structure. You can then reference a matrix element as s.outputSignal(rowNumber, columnNumber)
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GSM on 22 Jul 2021
I get the following error:
Scalar structure required for this assignment.

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