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How can I find out what the default MATLAB COM Automation Server is when I have different versions installed?

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I have multiple versions of MATLAB installed on my system. I would like to interface with MATLAB through the COM Automation Server interface. Is there a way to determine what version is being called by default?

Accepted Answer

MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 18 Oct 2013
The following code will determine what the default server is and if the MATLAB executable that is specified in it exists or not:
function getmatlabdefaultserver()
function getdefaultserver(serverApplication)
if ~exist('serverApplication', 'var')
error('Please specify a server application');
% Get registry keys.
serverAppCLSID = winqueryreg('HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT', [serverApplication '\CLSID\']);
progId = winqueryreg('HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT', ['CLSID\' serverAppCLSID '\']);
localServer32 = winqueryreg('HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT', ['CLSID\' serverAppCLSID '\LocalServer32\']);
disp(['The default Automation Server for "' serverApplication '" on this machine is:'])
disp(['ProgId: ' progId]);
disp(['LocalServer32: ' localServer32]);
disp(['CLSID: ' serverAppCLSID]);
% Parse server application's path.
serverAppPath = regexpi(localServer32, '.*\.exe', 'match', 'once');
serverAppPath = strrep(serverAppPath, '"', ''); % Remove ".
% Check if executable exists.
if ~isempty(serverAppPath)
if exist(serverAppPath, 'file')
disp(['File exists: ''' serverAppPath '''']);
warning(['File does not exist: ' serverAppPath]);
disp('There was an error while reading the registry.');
To register a certain MATLAB version as the default server, execute the following command in the MATLAB Command Window of your desired version, as specified in the related solution 1-3ZJXQR:
!matlab -regserver

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