How can I check if the ports between the network license manager and client are blocked?

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I am not able to run MATLAB with my network license. I am able to ping the server from my client and ping the client from my server, but MATLAB still can't connect. I want to know how I can check if the ports are being blocked between my server and client.

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 7 Mar 2019
In order to check for port issues you will need to have access to a display on both server and client machines. If you don't have a display on one of them you will not be able to use this solution. You will also need to have Java installed on both machines.
- On both machines navigate to
- Select WebStart Now
- On the server machine click on the Server tab, leave IP as all zeros
- On the client machine, click on Client tab, enter IP of your server
- You will need to make sure that your network license manager is not running because it will be using the port that we are trying to test, so be sure to stop the license manager before proceeding
- For your port number, you will need to get this from your license.dat that is currently setup on your server machine(don't rely on the client license file as it could be wrong)
- Port number will be the last number in your SERVER line (usually 27000)
- On the server machine, enter this port, then click Start Listening
- On the client machine, enter same port, then click Connect
- Try sending messages to each other, if this works proceed to next step, if not, contact your IT to resolve networking issues
- If this works, but MATLAB will not open you will need to test the DAEMON port, to do this, check if you already have a port specified in your license.dat, it will be listed in the DAEMON line with the following syntax: port=<portnumber> (if this is not listed, you can use any port you think is open)
- Back in SocketTest, enter DAEMON port, run the same test again, try sending messages between server and client.
- If you get prompted to allow connection before running any of these tasks, you have security software that is in place to prevent network communication, in which case you need to talk to IT (even if you are able to run SocketTest after allowing the connection). Your IT should be able to either setup a rule to allow MATLAB to pass through or to open these 2 ports.
For more information about the port the network license manager uses, see the Related Solution: 1-19C0V - "What ports does the Network License Manager use, and how can I set those ports?".
For more information about License Manager Error 96, see the Related Solution: 1-18EJN - "Why do I receive License Manager Error -96?"

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