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How do I configure an options file with multiple licenses?

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I have multiple licenses for MATLAB that I run off of one license server. How do I direct my users to the appropriate license?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 28 Oct 2016
Serving multiple licenses from the same license server typically requires you to define an options file to ensure that the correct users receive the appropriate licenses when using MATLAB.
Network license files contain an asset_info tag which is used to identify an INCREMENT line belonging to a specific license by the license number. asset_info tags are consistent between releases and therefore you do not need to update your options file when updating your license file to a new release of MATLAB.
For example, lets say you have two licenses, 111222 and 999888. This configuration would allow the users of license 111222 to access 111222 and prevent them from accessing 999888. The license file would look like this:
SERVER MyLicenseManager 001122334455 27000
DAEMON "C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2010b\win32\mlm.exe" options="C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2010b\win32\MLM.opt"
# License No: 111222 HostID:001122334455
INCREMENT MATLAB MLM 17 01-jan-0000 11 8DE646541AFDDFE9416 \
HOSTID=ID=111222 USER_BASED DUP_GROUP=U asset_info=111222 SN=111222
INCREMENT SIMULINK MLM 17 01-jan-0000 11 2D66AD832109E0698 \
HOSTID=ID=111222 USER_BASED DUP_GROUP=U asset_info=111222 SN=111222
# License No: 999888 HostID:001122334455
INCREMENT MATLAB MLM 17 01-jan-0000 7 9D164CBED8D11BCC72 \
HOSTID=ID=999888 USER_BASED DUP_GROUP=U asset_info=999888 SN=999888
The corresponding options file would look like this:
# Options file for use with MATLAB
GROUP MATLAB_users user1 user2 ...
GROUP SIMULINK_users user1 user2 ...
# Include the GROUP users for license 111222
INCLUDE "MATLAB:asset_info=111222" GROUP MATLAB_users
INCLUDE "SIMULINK:asset_info=111222" GROUP SIMULINK_users
# Exclude the Group users from license 999888
EXCLUDE "MATLAB:asset_info=999888" GROUP MATLAB_users
Ernest Smit
Ernest Smit on 1 Feb 2020
Meanwhile I have tried this. Unfortunately this does NOT work (using "SN=...") in contrast to the above mentioned feature "asset_info=..." which works fine.

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