How do I create a callback function which gets executed whenever the XLim value of axes changes?

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I want to create a callback function which will get executed whenever the XLim value is changed from Command Line.

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 21 Jan 2010
There is no direct callback that gets executed when XLim/YLim property of the axes changes. But it is possible to create a callback function which will listen to the XLim/YLim property and get executed whenever XLim/YLim changes value.
In order to create a callback function, which gets fired when the XLim value changes, create an event listener using ADDLISTENER for the current axis. Then create a callback function in the same directory and assign it as the PostSet callback of the 'XLim' property.
The attached file, testCallback.m, and the callback function, Callbackfcn, illustrate this.
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Martin Vatshelle
Martin Vatshelle on 7 Feb 2019
I am sorry for revocing such an old post, but I felt it fits so well with my issue.
I tested this callback function using R2017a.
The callback is activated when I manually change XLim.
But when I call plot(ax,...) the XLim property changes without activating the calback.
I can make a wrapper function for plot to activate the callback like this:
function myPlot(varargin)
line = plot(varargin{:});
but there is a lot of calls to plot that needs to be changed, is there a better way?

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