Why do I receive a License Manager Error -9 in MATLAB R2008a after changing network connections on Windows?

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After changing my network connection or disconnecting from a docking station, I receive License Manager Error -9. If I plug my computer back into the original connection, MATLAB starts just fine. Why can't I start MATLAB when disconnected?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 18 Jan 2010
This issue may be related to Active Directory and how your Windows username is represented. When connected to the network or Domain server, your Windows username may have a different case then when you are disconnected from the network.
To confirm this, open a Windows command prompt and run the command:
set username
After changing networks, run the same command. If the username has a different case, you will an activation that has both usernames. To obtain such a file, run the following steps:
1) Go to the Start menu, to MATLAB, to R2008a and select "Activate MATLAB R2008a"
2) Choose to activate manually without using the Internet
3) Select that you do not have the license file and help me with these steps
4) You should then be presented with a Window that has your username and Host ID. 5) Using both, open a browser and go to the License Center here:
6) Once you are in the license center, click on your license.
7) Once the license loads, click on the "Activation and Installation" tab.
8) Click on the Activate button on the right.
9) Provide the Host ID and the first case of your username.
10) Once complete download the license file.
11) Repeat steps 8-10 with the 2nd case of the username.
Once you have both license files, you will need to combine them together. You can do so by opening both the files in Notepad.
Once combined, launch the MATLAB activation again, or if it is still open, click back. Choose the offline option and browse to the combined license file. Once complete, MATLAB will now be activated for both cases, and you should no longer receive the error.
If you are still having an issue after these steps, contact the Installation and Licensing team here:

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