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Why does MATLAB start up slowly when using McAfee Anti-Virus?

When I start MATLAB, it takes a long time to initialize. I noticed that it takes longer when I have McAfee Anti-Virus running in the background.
How do I make MATLAB start faster when I have McAfee Anti-Virus running?

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Answer by MathWorks Support Team on 19 Mar 2012
 Accepted Answer

If you are using McAfee Anti-Virus, make sure you set the "Files to Check" field to "Check program files only" and NOT "check ALL files".
Some users have reported that setting the "Files to Check" field to "check ALL files" causes MATLAB to take an extra 30-60 sec. to launch.
If that does not help, by default, the McAfee virus-checker checks all Java executables on execution. This behavior directly affects the speed of starting MATLAB 6.X with the JVM, because McAfee first checks the Java executables that loads with the JVM as well as the MATLAB desktop. However, McAfee also provides you with a setup window in which you may set the directories to be excluded from the default virus-check. By excluding the MATLAB root directory tree from McAfee scanning, the MATLAB startup-speed is restored to normal.
The procedure for excluding MATLAB directories from McAfee scanning is:
1. Double-click on the McAfee icon in the Windows tray (lower right hand side of Windows start bar).
2. Select System Scan and then the Exclusion tab.
3. Enter the MATLAB root directory in this window.
4. Select all OK buttons until the McAfee configuration window is closed.


Thanks for giving advice on this. There seems to be quite a few people on forums having this problem. Unfortunately, I can't see how to apply your fix.
I find matlab taking 20 minutes to boot. If I disable the mcafee on-access scan, then matlab starts in about 1 minute. I have virusscan enterprise ver 8.8.
I'd prefer not to have to turn off my virus scanner though and your suggested steps look preferable.
I find that adding the matlab root directory to the exclusion list has no effect. Also, there is no "Check program files only" setting. Do you know what else this might be listed as? Perhaps "What to scan">"Default"?
Would adding the JVM path potentially fix this problem, or would that expose me to risks from many viruses using JVM?
Thanks, Charlie

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