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Why does MATLAB crash on startup with the error: "Application Failed to Initialize Properly (0xc0150002)"?

When starting MATLAB on Windows, I get the following error:
Application Failed to Initialize Properly (0xc0150002)
MATLAB fails to start thereafter.


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Answer by MathWorks Support Team on 18 Oct 2013
 Accepted Answer

This error indicates that you are missing the required Visual Studio 2005 runtime libraries for MATLAB. This is an issue that has been seen when running MATLAB from a non-local installation.
To resolve this error, make sure you are launching MATLAB using the 'matlab.bat' file from the $MATLABROOT\bin folder rather than the 'matlab.exe' file from $MATLABROOT\bin\win32 or $MATLABROOT\bin\win64
where $MATLABROOT is the MATLAB root directory on your machine, as returned by typing
at the MATLAB Command Prompt.
If you have created any shortcuts to MATLAB, re-map all of your MATLAB shortcuts to point to matlab.bat.
If the matlab.bat file does not allow you to start MATLAB, try manually executing the following file:
($MATLABROOT\bin\win64\vcredist_x64.exe for 64 bit Windows)
NOTE: The file must be run with Administrator rights, or the installation will not proceed.
This will install the missing libraries manually. After installation, you should be able to start MATLAB manually.
If you encounter an error during the execution of the vcredist_x**.exe file, your Windows Installer libraries may be out of date. Windows Installer 3.1 (v2) is required for the Visual Studio 2005 run-time library installation to complete successfully and is available from Microsoft's Web site at:
Alternatively, you can use Windows Update by running Internet Explorer and selecting Windows Update from the Tools menu. If you follow the instructions, the application will walk you through whatever you need to update your PC (and the Windows Installer will be made up-to-date).
You can find more information about the Microsoft Windows Installer at:
Once you have updated the Windows Installer, run the vcredist_x**.exe file again. The libraries should install at this point. Afterwards MATLAB should start.


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