Do MATLAB versions prior to R2007a run under Windows Vista?

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I would like to know if MATLAB versions prior to R2007a run under Windows Vista.

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 28 Feb 2019
While unsupported, there are some versions of MATLAB that will operate on Microsoft Windows Vista. MATLAB 7.3 (R2006b) has been qualified under Windows Vista, and will run on Vista as expected.
There are several issues that have been identified when running MATLAB R2006b and below on Windows Vista and they are detailed below:
A fundamental change in Windows Vista™, the User Account Control (UAC) feature, can impact the ability of MATLAB and supporting products to appropriately update system and global settings as necessary.
Two examples of system or global settings updating by MATLAB or supporting products include, but are not limited to, installing ActiveX controls and registering DLLs.
Examples of some MathWorks products that install ActiveX controls or register DLLs include:
- Data Acquisition Toolbox
- Gauges Blockset
- MATLAB Builder for .NET
- MATLAB Builder for Excel
- MATLAB Builder for Java
- MATLAB Compiler
- Model-Based Calibration Toolbox
- Requirements Management Interface
- Simulink Verification and Validation
- xPC Target
If you work with a product that does these operations, you need to run MATLAB as an administrator. With UAC, users with standard user privileges and users with administrator privileges are both treated as standard users. The recommended approach to run MATLAB as an administrator is to right-click on the MATLAB shortcut icon and select "Run as" context menu item and run as administrator subsequently.
User Account Control Dialog Box and setup.exe:
When you start the MathWorks Installer on a Windows Vista™ system, Windows displays a User Account Control dialog box stating that an unidentified program (setup.exe) wants access to your computer. The setup.exe program is the MathWorks Installer. Click Allow to continue with the installation.
Using Pre-R2006b versions of MATLAB:
Versions prior to R2006b have not been tested and qualified under Windows Vista™, however, they are expected to work with the exception of MATLAB Release 13 (MATLAB 6.5) and it's family of products. If any startup issues occur, we recommend starting MATLAB in compatibility mode for a previous release of windows (Windows XP™ or Windows 2000™). To run MATLAB in compatibility mode, right click on the MATLAB shortcut and select "properties". From the MATLAB Shortcut Properties window, click on the compatibility tab, and under the menu labeled "Compatibility Mode" check the box titled "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" and an appropriate windows version.
Running a Vista System as a License Server:
Versions prior to R2007b of the network license manager do not run as a service on Vista systems. If possible install the license manager with the most current version of MATLAB. If you are using R2007a or below of the license manager (FLEXnet version or below), you must run the license manager as an application, or use a different platform as your license server. When running the MathWorks Installer, choose the option: "Do Not Configure service".
To start the license manager after the installation is complete, follow this procedure:
1. Open a DOS command prompt window. To open a DOS command prompt window, select Run on the Windows Start menu. In the Run dialog box, enter cmd and click OK.
2. Navigate to the $MATLABROOT/flexlm folder (where $MATLABROOT is your MATLAB installation folder). Ex:
cd C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2006b\flexlm
3. Execute the following command to start the license manager daemon:
lmgrd.exe -c license.dat -l lmlog.txt
This process can be setup as a batch file for startup, but the license manager cannot be configured as a service.

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