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Does MATLAB support writing multipage TIFF files?

A standard format for a multipage TIFF is a 3-D array (length x width x
  1. of frames) and this is the format stored by many other imaging
programs. So if I read this data into MATLAB and process it, I would
like to re-write the data so that multiple images are stored separately in one TIFF file.

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Answer by MathWorks Support Team on 1 Jul 2010
 Accepted Answer

IMWRITE supports multipage TIFF files as the following example illustrates:
a = imread('peppers.png');
imwrite(a, 'myFile.TIFF')
imwrite(rgb2gray(a), 'myFile.TIFF', 'writemode', 'append')
Hence, IMWRITE will write the images on a single page one above the other. We use "append" parameter to do this. When using IMREAD to read the same image, you could use indexing as described in the documentation, to read the various images aligned by IMWRITE.
For example, the following commands would read and display both the frames from myFile.TIFF.


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