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What is validation and how does validation work?

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What is validation? How can I enable/disable it? What do I do when it says that validation is overdue?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 19 Aug 2021
Edited: MathWorks Support Team on 31 Aug 2021
Validation is an admin controlled feature of MATLAB licensing that allows MATLAB to "phone home" to MathWorks servers every thirty days. This article will explain:
  • What is validation?
  • How can I disable/enable validation?
  • What can I do when validation is overdue?

What is validation?

Validation allows administrators to maintain tight control over their MATLAB licenses by pushing licensing updates made on the website out to MATLAB clients. These checks compare the client's license file to the licensing information on the MathWorks activation server and will prompt the user to accept any changes that have been made. These changes can include updated product lists or deactivation of the entire license.
The computer only needs an internet connection when validating. Validation is only available for Individual and Designated Computer license types, not network licenses.

How can I enable or disable validation?

One may wish to disable validation if they do not wish to send information to MathWorks. To set a license to validate from the MATLAB client:
  1. Log into the MathWorks License Center and select the license.  
  2. Click on the "Install and Activate" tab 
  3. Click the "Validate from Product: Enabled" button, and untick "Enable validation from Product Setting"

What can I do when validation is overdue?

When validation is overdue, you will not be able to perform certain features such as:
  • Dynamic updating of license files when products are added or removed
  • Redesignation of computers and users
  • Redesignation of products on Master Licenses
If MATLAB cannot connect to the internet on launch but is able to connect later, you can manually update the license from within MATLAB. To force the license to update once you've connected to the internet, start MATLAB and go to the Help menu to Licensing > Update Current License.
If the computer MATLAB is installed on never connects to the internet, you can obtain the license.lic file through the MathWorks License Center, via the "Install and Activate" tab on a computer connected to the internet . Select your license and click 'Get license file'. To use this file, bring it to the machine you wish to update and open MATLAB. Go to the Help menu and select Licensing > Activate Software. Choose to activate manually and you will be prompted to browse to the license.lic file.
Sarah Ross
Sarah Ross on 14 Apr 2021
Contact MathWorks. If your an admin they can assist you with releashing the products. I did this request while everyone was Teleworking and not able to validate.

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