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How can I execute a double-click callback without executing the single-click callback in my MATLAB GUI?

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In order to set a double-click callback for my figure, I must set the SelectionType property to "open." However, when I double-click on my figure, MATLAB cycles the SelectionType through "normal" while I am clicking. This triggers my single-click callback. Thus both callbacks are executed instead of only my double-click callback.

Accepted Answer

MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 5 Dec 2011
You can use the following sample code to cause your application to execute only the double-click callback:
Associate this function with 'WindowButtonDownFcn' callback of the figure window.
function clickcallback(obj,evt)
persistent chk
if isempty(chk)
chk = 1;
pause(0.5); %Add a delay to distinguish single click from a double click
if chk == 1
fprintf(1,'\nI am doing a single-click.\n\n');
chk = [];
chk = [];
fprintf(1,'\nI am doing a double-click.\n\n');
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Alon Rozen
Alon Rozen on 21 Dec 2016
Cool !!
Works nicely on axes which don't have the 'SelectionType' property and thus cannon distinguish between one and double click.
Thanks :)

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CAM on 26 Mar 2015
I am disappointed that GUI's do not (apparently) support the double-click option in SelectionType. Why is there no disclaimer in the help files about this?
When will this bug be fixed?
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Christoph on 27 Mar 2015
But you can use SelectionType, for example
function example
close all
function clickcallback(obj,evt)
switch get(obj,'SelectionType')
case 'normal'
case 'open'
disp('double click')

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Nick Patterson
Nick Patterson on 25 Aug 2020
My answer, which I made before seeing this, is very similar to the first one, but it doesn't burn a half-second each time:
%% Constants:
persistent click_time
click_threshold_s = 0.5;
%% Later in code, after sorting by source type (or whatever you need):
if isempty(click_time)
click_time = tic();
time_between_clicks = toc( click_time );
click_time = tic();
if time_between_clicks < click_threshold_s
% Enter desired callback / action here.
end % if double-click
end % if empty
For my case, I take no action on a single click, but you could make a separate action there if desired.




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