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What is a Network License? How do I set up a Network license?

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What is a Network License? How do I set up a Network license?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 7 Aug 2019
Edited: MathWorks Support Team on 7 Aug 2019
The Network license options allows MATLAB users to share a pool of license keys.
The licenses consists of 1 or more keys for MATLAB, and any number of keys for toolboxes and other products.
When a user starts MATLAB or uses a toolbox, MATLAB reaches out to the License Server to check out a key of MATLAB, the License Server then allows the user to launch MATLAB. When MATLAB is closed, it will automatically return the key to the license server which becomes available for others to use. The Network License Manager must be set up before any user can launch MATLAB and users must maintain their network connection to the License Server while using MATLAB.
There are three steps to set up a network license:
(1) Activate license.
Find the Host ID of the license server. For instructions, see:
What is a Host ID? How do I find my Host ID in order to activate my license?
Activate the license server in the License Center. For instructions, see:
How can I obtain or update my network license file for my network license manager?
Download the license file and File Installation Key.
(2) Install the network license manager on server.
For instructions, see:
How do I install or update the Network License Manager for a network license?
(3) Install MATLAB on clients:
- Run the MATLAB installer.
- Select the appropriate installation method.
If you are using the installer that you downloaded from the MathWorks website, you must chose "Install automatically using the internet".
If you have a complete set of installation files (DVD or ISO), you can chose "Install manually without using the Internet".
- When prompted for a license file, use the "license.dat" file from the license server, not the "license.lic" file downloaded from the License Center.
(4) NNU License only, configure Options File
NNU licenses require an options file with a list of the computer usernames allowed on the license. To configure the Options file, please reference the following article:
Is there a way to administer FLEXnet based licenses? How do I create an Options file?
For commercial licenses, there is an option to "borrow" a license key and remove the client from the network. For more information, see:
Is license borrowing enabled with the network license manager?

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Timothy Haynes
Timothy Haynes on 26 Jan 2018
> " ... which becomes available for others to use"
Please clarify one point. If I have a Network License as described above can I provide access to MATLAB for several of my team members as long as I'm not simultaneously using more licenses than are available in the pool? Can I add/remove people from this list at any time? Example is: I have 5 engineers in my department and a Network License with 2 keys, so any 2 of those 5 people can simultaneously access and use MATLAB.

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