How do I use the Silent Installer for MATLAB?

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How do I install MATLAB silently or noninteractively?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 19 Jun 2020
Edited: MathWorks Support Team on 19 Jun 2020
Instructions for installing MATLAB noninteractively or silently can be found in the MATLAB documentation:
NOTE: Currently on Mac OS, the silent installation will fail with the full-product .dmg file. You must use the standard web installer to "Download without Installing" in order to acquire a set of offline installation files that can be used in silent mode.

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Gerhard Giefing
Gerhard Giefing on 29 May 2019
is there any "only unix/linux" silent installation help? need one for ONLY TUI installation... no Display var, only ssh access...

Dariosh on 4 Mar 2020
I have the same problem and Mathworks are not able to answer the question. They made some changes to silent installation and there is no documentation about this. I belive that they don't know niether how to do!!!!!
When I asked them, they refer to this question :-)))) -->>>
it's going to loop like the new activation !
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Colin Fraser
Colin Fraser on 5 Mar 2020
Please refer to for more information about activation loops.
If you are still experiencing this issue, please contact MathWorks support:
-Colin Fraser

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