Community Contests

MATLAB Central community holds regular contests for members to challenge themselves, have fun, and win prizes. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced MATLAB users, there is always a contest for you. Follow our contest channel to get notified for the upcoming contests or announcements.


Treasure Hunt

Complete 10 fun tasks to explore ‘treasures’ in MATLAB Central community. Win prizes and bump up charity donation!

Start: Sep 13, 2021

End:   Oct 31, 2021


Use up to 280 characters of MATLAB code to show off your most interesting and beautiful image. Win prizes!

Start: Oct 4, 2021

End:   Oct 31, 2021


Have fun solving coding problems, improve your MATLAB skills, and win prizes. 

Start: Oct 1, 2020

End:   Dec 31, 2020


We celebrated Cody’s fifth anniversary with a pair of community-contributed problem sets specially designed to offer a variety of challenges for novice and experienced programmers alike.


Start: Oct 1, 2018

End:   Dec 31, 2018


To commemorate this anniversary, we created two MATLAB Central-themed games. We awarded prizes to top performers and randomly gave out prizes to qualified participants. We made the games even more exciting by basing our donations to the following three charities on your participation.

Based on your participation we raised $2,500 for each of the charities.


Start: Oct 1, 2016

End:   Dec 31, 2016