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Questions about the example "Denoise Signals with Adversarial Learning Denoiser Model"

mylovexx on 12 Jan 2024 (Edited on 12 Jan 2024)

I am a beginner of deep learning, and meet with some problems in learning the MATLAB example "Denoise Signals with Adversarial Learning Denoiser Model", hope very much to get help!
1. visualizaition of the features
It is my understanding that the encoded representation of the autoencoder is the features of the original signal. However in this example, the output dimension of the encoder is 64xSignalLength. Does it mean that every sample point of the signal has 64 features?
2. usage of the residual blocks
The encoder-decoder model uses residual blocks (which contribute to reconstructing the denoised signal from the latent space, ). However, only the encoder output is connected to the discriminator. Doesn't it cause the prolem that most features will be learned by the residual blocks, and only a few features that could confuse the discriminator will be learned by the encoder and sent to the discriminator?

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