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Matthew Shorter

It would be useful if AI Chat Playground could also refer us to specific documentation

Matthew Shorter on 22 Jan 2024
Latest activity Reply by Chen Lin on 22 Jan 2024

I have been finding the AI Chat Playground very useful for daily MATLAB use. In particular it has been very useful for me in basically replacing or supplementing dives into MATLAB documentation. The documentation for MATLAB is in my experience uniformly excellent and thorough but it is sometimes lengthy and hard to parse and the AI Chat is a great one stop shop for many questions I have. However, I would find it very useful if the AI Chat could answer my queries and then also supply a link directly to the documentation. E.g. a box at the bottom of the answer that is basically
"Here is the documentation on the functions AI Chat referred to in this response"
could be neat.
Chen Lin
Chen Lin on 22 Jan 2024
Thanks, Matthew. This is great feedback. I'm glad you find the AI Chat Playground useful. I'm curious if you have some tips of using the Playground to share. We know many users haven't started using the Playground yet. Using it as a tool for MATLAB docummentation sounds like a great use case to start.
Maybe make it a seperate post if you are interested in sharing more?
Hans Scharler
Hans Scharler on 22 Jan 2024
That's a great idea. We are testing many new options for the playground. Would be interested in user experience testing? Thanks!

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