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Vinay Ramesh

MATLAB AI Chat Playground: New Features Released! 🚀

Vinay Ramesh on 29 Jan 2024 (Edited on 29 Jan 2024)
Latest activity Reply by Pink_panther on 6 Feb 2024

We're thrilled to announce the roll-out of some new features that are going to supercharge your Playground experience! Here's what's new:
Copy/Download code from the script area
You can now effortlessly Copy/Download code from the script area with just a single click. Copy code or Download your script directly as .m files and keep your work organized and portable.We hope this will allow you to effortlessly transfer your work from Playground to MATLAB Desktop/Online.
Run Code directly from the Chat panel
Execute code snippets from the chat section with a single click. This new affordance means saving a step since you no longer have to insert code and then hit run from the toolstrip to execute instead just hit run in the chat panel to see the output immediately in the script area
Enhanced visual Experience
Customize your Playground workspace by expanding or collapsing the chat and script sections. Focus on what matters most to you, whether it's AI chat or working on your script.
We hope you will love these updates. Try them out and let us know your feedback.
Pink_panther on 6 Feb 2024
Very nice indeed.