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Toshiaki Takeuchi

If you use MatGPT, can you share how you use it?

Toshiaki Takeuchi on 2 Apr 2024
Latest activity Reply by Hans Scharler on 24 Apr 2024

MatGPT was launched on March 22, 2023 and I am amazed at how many times it has been downloaded since then - close to 16,000 downloads in one year. When AI Chat Playground came out on MATLAB Central, I thought surely that people will stop using MatGPT. Boy I was wrong.
In early 2023 I was playing with the new shiny toy called ChatGPT like everyone else but instead of having it tell me jokes or haiku, I wanted to know how I can use it on MATLAB, and I started collecting the prompts that worked. Someone suggested I should turn that into an app, and MatGPT was born with help from other colleagues.
Here is the question - what should I do with it now? Some people suggested I could add other LLMs like Gemini or Claude, but I am more interested in learning how people actually use it.
If you are a MatGPT user, do you mind sharing how you use the app?
Hans Scharler
Hans Scharler on 24 Apr 2024
I use it to explore new models from OpenAI before the ChatGPT interface supports them. I noticed the new GPT-4 turbo model is already supported by MatGPT!

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