Cris Luengo

Unlocking answers to last Cody problem?

Cris Luengo on 9 Aug 2012
Latest activity Reply by Sean de Wolski on 14 Aug 2012

I've written a valid answer to the last Cody problem, but it is not even close to the best answer. I have no idea how they made this short answer. To unlock it I need to solve another Cody question, but there are none left... :(
Anybody know how to unlock the last question?
Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 9 Aug 2012
You can answer other questions (not Cody Challenge Ones) and it will eventually let you see all solutions to that one.
Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 14 Aug 2012
Ahh, I see what you're saying. I'll ask the person who knows.
Cris Luengo
Cris Luengo on 14 Aug 2012
The community questions keep unlocking the previous community question. I'll keep playing, hopefully that one Cody Challenge question will be unlocked some day. :)

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