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MATLAB Flipbook Mini Hack Starts Today! Have Fun and Win Prizes!

Chen Lin on 6 Nov 2023
Latest activity Reply by Teodo on 10 Nov 2023

The 2023 community contest - MATLAB Flipbook Mini Hack - starts today on Nov. 6th!
Participants across all skill levels are welcome to join! You can participate by creating a new animation or remixing an existing one with up to 2,000 characters of MATLAB code.
Contest Tips:
  1. Before you start, we highly recommend you check out the two examples - Bouncing and Spinning - to understand how the contest works.
  2. Share your thoughts, ask questions, or connect with others in our contest discussion channel.
Note that the first week (Nov. 6th, 2023, ~ Nov. 12th, 2023) is for creating entries only. Voting does not begin until the second week.
We look forward to seeing your creative work. Let the contest begin!
Teodo on 10 Nov 2023
Good Luck to all, and have Fun!
Jenny Bosten
Jenny Bosten on 6 Nov 2023
Do we have to use drawframe or is any method of animationm OK?
Chen Lin
Chen Lin on 6 Nov 2023
Hi @Jenny Bosten. You have to use the drawframe. Below is the function the contest uses behind the scene. You can find this information from the instruction section - 'see contest rules' on the 'create new entry' page,
Look forward to seeing your artwork!

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