Anyone using Generative AI for their contest entries this year?

David on 7 Nov 2023 (Edited on 7 Nov 2023)
Latest activity Reply by Josh on 1 Dec 2023

Unlike last year's contest, there are some new technologies this year that might offer some advantages. Namely generative AI's like ChatGPT, Bard, etc. Not to be excluded, MathWorks just launched the AI Chat Playground :)
Josh on 1 Dec 2023
i gave it a quick shot with a prompt that outlined the constraints (MATLAB, <2000 characters, works with contestAnimator(), etc.) and then asked for something that fit a category in the weekly announcments or that was just mathematically-based/visually interesting (intentionally left it fairly open ended).
i was a little disappointed with the results in comparison to how well the LLMs do with data processing type tasks. after a few back and forths and some bug/format editting, i was able to get an okay psychadelic-type animation although the animation came more from a zoom-in/out effect
Lefebvre on 18 Nov 2023 (Edited on 18 Nov 2023)
I haven't yet, maybe I won't have time to participate until after graduation.
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Josh on 13 Nov 2023
i haven't yet but expect to at some point...might at least run some of my animations through an LLM to generate some remixes

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