Chen Lin

100 animations milestone reached! More tips & tools for beginners to get started

Chen Lin on 8 Nov 2023

We reached the 100 animations milestone in less than 3 days! We are thrilled to see so many creative entries and talented members learning from each other.
Note that this contest is not just for experts. People with all skill levels can participate, improve their MATLAB skills, and have fun!
We have created new resources and tips for you to get started.
  1. Contest introductory video. The 3-minute video provides you with a quick introduction to how the contest works and how to create a simple animation.
  2. Animations blog post. The post demonstrates some coding techniques that can make your animations easier.
  3. AI Chat Playground. This is a new community app we just released. You can leverage the Generative AI tool to write initial draft MATLAB code or modify existing one.
  4. Get ideas from previous Mini Hack contests. There is a large gallery of amazing images, which provide you with ideas and code to start with.
  5. Remix is highly encouraged. Learning from others is the most effective way to learn. Make some SMALL changes and see what it would look like.
Check out our 100th animation by Tim. Isn't it amazing?
We look forward to seeing more of you joining us and having more fun!