Vinay Ramesh

Increased MATLAB Evaluation timeout limit! Inviting more MATLAB artists to join the party.

Vinay Ramesh on 10 Nov 2023

The Flipbook contest is currently in full swing! It's been truly inspiring to see the incredible artwork you've all created using MATLAB! Checkout the gallery page if you haven't already.
We have some exciting news for our contestants today! In order to allow for more complex and unique creations, we've increased the MATLAB Evaluation timeout limit from 55 to 235 seconds!! So, don't hold back! Feel free to throw in those extra intricate lines of code without worrying about timeouts.
To all those already participating, we commend your efforts and encourage you to keep pushing your boundaries. And remember, there's always room for more. So, why not invite your friends and fellow MATLAB enthusiasts to join in the fun?
See the latest addition to the contest from @Cleve Moler, the creator of MATLAB!
We also encourage everyone to engage in the contest discussions channel. Share your experiences, insights, and feedback about this contest. Your contributions enrich our community and help us improve future contests.
Looking forward to seeing more and more entries in coming weeks!