Vinay Ramesh

Who else can relate?

Vinay Ramesh on 14 Nov 2023
Latest activity Reply by Anton Kogios on 16 Nov 2023

Dedicated to all Flipbook contest lovers! :D
Anton Kogios
Anton Kogios on 15 Nov 2023
Haha this was me last year, when Mini Hack was during the exam period for me... now that it's one month later this year, I can spend time on it, guilt-free.
Chen Lin
Chen Lin on 16 Nov 2023
Oh. Your exam period is in October? That's very early.
Anton Kogios
Anton Kogios on 16 Nov 2023
Yeah end of year university exam peiod is usually late October/early November in Australia. So last year I had my final assignments and exam revision in October, but Mini Hack was a good break/distraction from studying 😉.
Vinay Ramesh
Vinay Ramesh on 15 Nov 2023
Yay! Hoping to see more submissions. We all love MATLAB Flipbooks!
Tim on 16 Nov 2023
Will there be weekly themes introduced later?
Vinay Ramesh
Vinay Ramesh on 16 Nov 2023
Hi @Tim - yes, we are thiking about themes for upcoming weeks. You will hear from our marketing soon.

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