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Week 3 winners announced! New categories for week 4.

Chen Lin on 27 Nov 2023
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In Week 3, we reached the 400-animations milestone! Let’s work together to achieve the 500-animations goal!
During the last week of the contest, we strongly encourage you to inspire your colleagues, classmates, or friends to vote. Voters will also have the opportunity to win a MATLAB T-shirt.
Mini Hack Winners - Week 3
Math, Physics, or Science explanation:
Most creative remix:
Math is beautiful:
Mashup (Combined themes):
Jr / balloons IV (40 & multi-entry story)
Congratulations, winners!
In week 4, we’d love to see more entries in the following categories:
  • Holidays:
  • Seasons:
  • Abstract:
  • Mashup (mixed categories)
A gentle reminder that you have a direct impact on the next generation of animation tools in MATLAB! Don’t forget to share your thoughts and ideas with us.
Josh on 27 Nov 2023
thank you thank you thank you :happy tear: <3