Chen Lin

Tips & Tricks from Adam Danz: Create Clouds, Terrains, and More with Power-law Noise

Chen Lin on 30 Nov 2023

Have you marveled at the breathtaking, natural-looking animations crafted by the creative minds in the Flipbook Mini Hack contest? Think of @Tim, @Jenny Bosten, and @Zhaoxu Liu / slandarer- their work is nothing short of extraordinary.
So, what's their secret? Adam Danz, a developer in the MATLAB Graphics and Charting team and a top community contributor, has graciously unveiled the mysteries in his latest blog post - "Creating natural textures with power-law noise: clouds, terrains, and more." The post offers simple, step-by-step instructions and code snippets, empowering you to grasp these enchanting techniques effortlessly.
Check it out and we hope it sparks your creativity and serves as a wellspring of inspiration. With only 3 days remaining before the contest draws to a close, it's time to dive into the code and let your imagination soar!