Grace Woolson

New MathWorks-sponsored AI Challenge!

Grace Woolson on 4 Dec 2023
Latest activity Reply by cui,xingxing on 30 Dec 2023

Looking for an opportunity to practice your AI skills on a real-world problem? Interested in AI for climage change? Sign up for the Kelp Wanted challenge, which tasks participants with developing an algorithm that can detect the presence of kelp forests from satellite images.
Participants of all skill levels from anywhere in the world are welcome to compete!
MathWorks provides the following resources for all participants:
Ibrahim Patel
Ibrahim Patel on 16 Dec 2023
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Is the complimentary license only for university associated personnel? Can inviduals also opt in ?

cui,xingxing on 30 Dec 2023
Hopefully TMW can also provide free support for individual hobbyists

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