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Celebrating Creativity and Animation: Grand Prize Winners Announced!

Chen Lin on 6 Dec 2023 (Edited on 31 May 2024 at 16:13)
Latest activity Reply by Chen Lin on 9 Jun 2024 at 19:39

We are thrilled to announce the grand prize winners of our MATLAB Flipbook contest! This year, we invited the MATLAB Graphics Infrastructure team, renowned for their expertise in exporting and animation workflows, to be our judges. After careful consideration, they have selected the top three winners:
1st place - Rolling fog / Tim
Judge comments: Creative and realistic rendering with well-written code
Judge comments: Festive and advanced animation that is appropriate to the current holiday season.
Judge comments: Nice translation of existing shader logic to MATLAB that produces an advanced and appealing visual effect.
In addition, after validating the votes, we are pleased to announce the top 10 participants on the leaderboard:
Congratulations to all! Your creativity and skills have inspired many of us to explore and learn new skills, and make this contest a big success!
ANWER HAZEEB AHAMED on 9 Jun 2024 at 17:57
May I know when new contest will commence?
Chen Lin
Chen Lin on 9 Jun 2024 at 19:39
It wil be in the Fall 2024. You can follow this Contest channel to get notified when we announce the date.
Zhaoxu Liu / slandarer
Zhaoxu Liu / slandarer on 4 Feb 2024
glad to recieve the gifts
Chen Lin
Chen Lin on 4 Feb 2024
Congratulations again! That's a good collection of MathWorks swags. I'm glad you like them.
Augusto Mazzei
Augusto Mazzei on 7 Dec 2023
Thank you Chen Lin! :D
Victoria on 6 Dec 2023
Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!
Jr on 7 Dec 2023
Congratz, @Victoria! congratz all!
looking forward to the upcoming contests