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Hannah on 7 Feb 2024 (Edited on 7 Feb 2024)
Latest activity Reply by Hannah on 8 Feb 2024

I have been procrastinating on schoolwork by looking at all the amazing designs created in the last MATLAB Flipbook Mini Hack! They are just amazing. The voting is over but what are y'all's personal favorites? Mine is the flapping butterfly, it is for sure a creation I plan to share with others in the future!
Chen Lin
Chen Lin on 7 Feb 2024
It's very hard to pick a favorite one. They are all amazing. I hope you can get your schoolwork done before due. :)
Hannah on 8 Feb 2024
It always gets done! I just like to save it to the last minute since I will be older and therfore smarter meaning it will get done faster 😂
Ned Gulley
Ned Gulley on 7 Feb 2024
I agree with you that the Flipbook contest generated some amazing work! I was especially fond of everything Tim did. It seemed like wizardry to me that he could get those results with such a small amount of code. I wish I understood shaders better.
What do you think we should do for the next contest? Another similar flipbook challenge, or some variation on it, or something completely different?
Hannah on 8 Feb 2024
Ohh maybe something app designer related, where they can share apps they have made or personalized and found useful. It would probably be more like the Simulink student challenges than the flibpook challenge. Or maybe something associated with MATLAB mobile! I would love a contest based on the mobile app, I'll have to think on what would be a feasible competition with that.
goc3 on 7 Feb 2024
I think an optimization contest could be interesting.
For example, the contest could involve a set of functions that are used together for a computationally intensive task and that are purposefully written in an unoptimized fashion. The goal would be to see who could reduce the runtime for the main routine to the smallest overall runtime.
Ned Gulley
Ned Gulley on 7 Feb 2024
That's almost an exact description of our old programming contest! It was a lot of fun. The contestants had to solve problems like bin packing, Mastermind, or traveling salesman. It was fun to watch people improving the algorithm. I'm curious how such a contest would go in a world where everyone has access to ChatGPT.

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