Tom Sleeper

#nationalpetday Tucker (a.k.a Tuckaroo) never ceases to amaze me

Tom Sleeper on 11 Apr 2024
Latest activity Reply by Gabriela on 9 Jun 2024 at 18:42

Today, he got dressed for work to design some new dog toy-making algorithms. #nationalpetday
Gabriela on 9 Jun 2024 at 18:42
He seems smarter than many humans.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 19 Apr 2024 (Edited on 19 Apr 2024)
Tucker: "This is the look I give when someone asks me to correct their eval() statement."
Rena Berman
Rena Berman on 15 Apr 2024
what a cutie!
Chen Lin
Chen Lin on 11 Apr 2024
Super cool MathWorks Shirt for Tucker! Belt too!
Hans Scharler
Hans Scharler on 11 Apr 2024
The caption is "I make executive decisions."

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