Brandon Armstrong

New deep learning specialization available on Coursera

Brandon Armstrong on 27 Jan 2024

MathWorks just released three new courses on Coursera liseted below. If you work with image or video data and are wanting to incorporate deep learning techniques into your workflow, this is a great opporutnity. The course creators monitor the discussion forums, so you can ask questions and get feedback on your work. Below are links to the three courses and a quick description of a project you'll complete in each.
  1. Introduction to Computer Vision for Deep Learning. You'll train a classifier to classify images of people signing the American Sign Language alphabet.
  2. Deep Learning for Object Detection. Move from just classification to finding object locations. You'll train a model to find different types of parking available on the MathWorks campus.
  3. Advanced Deep Learning Techniques for Computer Vision. You'll train anomaly detection models for medical images and use AI-assisted labeling auto label images.