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[Visualization] Jobs advertised on Linkedin for Matlab per country or state

Toshiaki Takeuchi on 3 Apr 2024
Latest activity Reply by goc3 on 4 Apr 2024

I found this link posted on Reddit.
goc3 on 4 Apr 2024
I think the normalized plots (per 100k people) are more helpful.
Also, the normalized world chart validates my prior belief (from attending MATLAB Expo, etc.) that MATLAB is more popular in Europe than in the USA.
Andy on 4 Apr 2024
nice! anyone seen these too? or ... just some imaginary numbers :)
Chen Lin
Chen Lin on 4 Apr 2024
I did some search on LinkedIn. It says 89,823 opennings, which is close to th 100,000 on the graph. So, they are not imaginary. :)
Chen Lin
Chen Lin on 3 Apr 2024 (Edited on 3 Apr 2024)
This is super interesting! I'm surprised China is the top 2 country hiring MATLAB talents. Which country are you from? What does the market in your country look like?
Harald on 3 Apr 2024
This may be because China has the largest population.
Some of the plots in the link are scaled to 100,000 people, and then Netherlands seem in the lead.
Looking at the plot for the U.S., wondering who's posting all those jobs in MA. :D
Chen Lin
Chen Lin on 3 Apr 2024
It's true that China has the most population, but I'm still pleasantly surprised that we have many MATLAB jobs openning there. :)
Athanasios Paraskevopoulos
Athanasios Paraskevopoulos on 3 Apr 2024

I am from Greece in my area we use Matlab only for research purposes at universities. I hope there will be some good opportunities and for other areas

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